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Head of School

Andy Ridgway

Andy Ridgway joined us in August, 2015, from Tanzania where he has been working as Head of School. He has worked with children from nursery to school-leaver level and his international teaching experience includes positions such as Head of Primary, Head of Secondary, Dean of Students and Athletics Director. Andy blends his knowledge of the EYFS/English primary curriculum with best practices from around the world, such as the Singaporean maths programme, visual learning strategies, elements of the international baccalaureate and learnings from the world of sport! Andy has taught internationally for 11 years, teaching in UK, Zambia, Tanzania, Germany and Italy. He is now also very happy in Serbia! Andy is a true red, travelling back a few times a year to watch United (even now under LVG)......... +381 66 55 486 52

Deputy Head

Sandra Imsir

I have been in the school for over 15 years working as an assistant, teacher and Deputy Head. My workplace for me is a place of joy and happiness. For me, education should be through a holistic approach in raising young children to become critical thinkers. We educate warm and beautiful people who will grow and take the knowledge and memory of their schooling to a wide range of countries and cultures around the world. +381 66 55 486 52


Nevena Vukmirovic

Nevena is a ray of sunlight and has a great sense of humour. She supplies Andy with cake and biscuits, especially when Sandra is away. Nevena said just the other day "I don't know what I would have done had Andy Ridgway not turned up"............... +381 66 55 486 52


Teaching staff

Dajana Djordjevic

Peter Parsons

Ankica Orešćanin

Nada Ranđelović

Chris Stokey

Katarina Vojinović

Jelena Komazec

Dušica Ristić

Tanja Lazarević

Jelena Filipović

Mirjana Ivanović

Dunja Vidojković

Marija Mrdjenovic

Dušica Milanović

Milica Mijanović

Anđela Vemić

Our Specialist Teachers

Ivana Nikolić PE

Milena Šljivić Music

Ancillary staff

Vladimir Vučković Caretaker

Biljana Ilić Housekeeper

Tanja Kuzmanović Housekeeper


We are housed in a beautifully appointed three-story building in the leafy suburb of Senjak.

All our rooms are heated via a central heating system and we have air-conditioners for when the weather is hot. There is a full kitchen below ground floor where we can conduct science related activities or cooking classes, and a kitchenette on the top.

The 9 classrooms vary in size: Our huge attic houses up to 15 students, while on the ground floor we have 3 large rooms, each for 12-15 of our youngest children.

On the middle we have 3 teaching rooms of varied dimensions. There are well-equipped bathrooms on all 4 floors. All classes of children are limited in number to suit the space.

We also have 2 classrooms in the beautiful outhouses that have been purposefully constructed to make state of the art early childhood classrooms.

The school is set in lovely, green grounds, providing ample play areas for the children. Our new playground equipment brings us up to European safety standards.


Tuition fees range from 3000 euro to 6500 euro per year. 3 day - 5 day options available. Monthly payment options also available.


Members of the INSB and IPS community have volunteered to serve the School as governors. The Board comprises elected representatives of the Association and a teacher representative.

Role of the Board of Governors

  • To steward the values and mission of the school.
  • To ensure effective management by appointing good professional managers.
  • To work with the administration to establish policy for the School, and manage and enhance its assets.
  • To enable the schools’ professional managers to contribute fully and freely.
  • To support and develop our teachers.
  • To ensure the policies and practices are put in place, which support the school’s mission.
  • To provide the very best care and education for our children.