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International program "Eco-Schools" is an amendment of the general curriculum of educational institutions, in which pupils and students learn responsible waste management, energy and water, protection of animals and plants, the responsible handling of money and resources, as well as environmentally responsible behaviour for the future.

The organizer of the Eco-schools in Serbia's Association of Ambassadors for Sustainable Development and Environment and the main sponsor of the company is Tetra Pak. Under this program, the company Tetra Pak is particularly successful in implementing the project ECO-PACKAGE, which includes a series of educational workshops for children in the Eco schools and kindergartens, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of recycling and environmental protection

Institutional support for the implementation of this international program was given by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Health and the Centre for the Promotion of Science.

Schools that voluntarily apply for participation in the program are expected to educate children on environmental protection, following a seven step programme. The programme contributes to raising awareness and responsible treatment of the environment by encouraging initiatives and the participation of students, linking the curriculum with topics in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development and the involvement of the media and the local community in cooperation with schools.